Half of the hottest drinking water barrels use dir

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Half of the drinking water barrels use dirty raw materials

because they are convenient and clean, many families and units drink barreled water. However, a recent survey found that the barreled water market does not reassure consumers

chenghuanrui, who lives in Jiayuan Beili, Majiabao, Fengtai, Beijing, said that on October 20, he found that the color of the two buckets of "pure natural water" brand pure water delivered by the water store was wrong, which was dark blue. In particular, the bottom of the barrel looks like purple potion from top to bottom, and the barrel feels very rough. The boss told him that although this kind of barreled water looked ugly, it was cheap and had no problem with quality. Chenghuanrui was worried, so he took the bucket to a famous water plant for inspection. The quality and technical personnel of the water plant told him that the two barrels of water were recycled barrels

the barreled water market is flooded with recycled barrels

an insider who has been engaged in the barreled water business for a long time visited 60 water stores in Shijingshan, including Haite, modelkou Nanli, modelkou Xili. Among the 1831 barrels of water of 23 brands being sold in these water stores, 973 barrels are used as recycling barrels with dark color and rough barrel body, accounting for more than 50%. We also visited 8 water plants and found that 7 of them used recycled barrels for bottled water of some brands. However, these water plants have concealed their use of recycling barrels

recycled plastics are forbidden for food containers

it is learned that qualified buckets are made of brand-new food grade PC materials. The recycle bin is partly made of PC materials and partly made of recycled plastic waste, so it is also called "garbage bin" and "black bin"

since the recycled plastics can be manually or automatically operated to contain harmful substances, the Ministry of health clearly stipulates in Article 7 of the measures for the administration of the hygiene of plastic products and raw materials for food that "if the processing plastic has a large range of force, it is necessary to select the double column tensile machine (e.g. 10kN) to feed tableware, containers and food packaging materials, and the recycled plastics shall not be used."

however, in order to reduce costs, many water plants not only use a large number of recycling barrels made of recycled plastics that have not been tested, but also cheat consumers by hiding their long history

the number of blood and divine workers reached 25000, and the system was damaged

the staff of the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that the recycling bucket made of waste plastic contains ethylene glycol, which will produce glyoxal after oxidation under high temperature and high pressure, which will damage the human blood system, liver, lung and nervous system, and produce carcinogens

source: Oriental today news

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