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The prospect of wardrobe market is broad, but which wardrobe brand is good to join? Which brand is the most reliable? Joining canoya Custom Home brings you confidence in investment and guarantee of success. Canoya speaks with facts, not falsely

at present, customized home furnishings have developed rapidly in China, reaching a market size of 310billion in 2014 alone, with a growth rate of 30%. They have attracted brands from flooring, ceramics and other industries to enter the customized wardrobe industry. It can be seen that the wardrobe market has a broad prospect. So, which wardrobe brand is good to join? Which brand is the most reliable? Now there is a good choice - Kanoya custom home

as the earliest customized wardrobe brand, canoya has brought you confidence in investment and guarantee of success with 14 years of industry precipitation, the strength of the top three in the industry, and the successful operation of hundreds of franchise stores. Canoya speaks with facts

Kanoya's perfect franchise policy, franchise fee reduction, "free decoration", "full return of samples", franchise gift package and other franchise preferential measures have enabled franchisees to reduce investment costs, so that novices in the industry can enter the industry with confidence, regardless of financial problems

in addition, Kanoya business school and the "golden seed" training system, with eight years of professional training experience, are committed to building a fighting terminal marketing team for the dealer team; Professional event planning creates huge profits and returns for the terminal manufacturing several times...

canoya's perfect franchise store support system provides systematic guidance and help from the franchisee's site selection to the whole process of opening and operation, solves the problems of each key link of the franchisee, standardizes its store opening process, and easily realizes profits

modern production base, industry-leading product R & D strength, and the first batch of home furnishing research institutes in the industry have comprehensively created Kanoya's strong product competitiveness and are deeply welcomed by the market. Products are a powerful weapon in the market, and brands with strong competitiveness can be in an invincible position in the market

in the era of customized home furnishings, seizing opportunities is the first step to success, and choosing the right brand is the key to success. Kanoya's 14 years of industry sedimentation and brand strength make your investment road smooth and smooth. Now, Kanoya has fully launched the national investment attraction, and expects the franchisees to visit the headquarters in person to discuss the way to create wealth





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