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Compared with consumers' attention to the environmental protection performance, material texture, pattern style and other aspects of large products such as floors and wallpapers, some accessories such as wood keel, skirting line and rubber powder, which are even gifts from merchants, are too inconspicuous. However, don't underestimate these auxiliary materials. Experts pointed out that the amount of auxiliary materials may not be large in the actual construction process, but there is a situation that the environmental protection of the house does not meet the standard due to the unqualified auxiliary materials, which may be harmful to health

◆ the floor glue contract should indicate that the adhesive meets the standard

the reporter found during the market visit that the interviewed businesses all said that the floor glue they used was environmental friendly, but they all refused to indicate it in the contract. A flooring brand shopping guide that advertises 360 degree environmental protection of flooring, skirting line and glue said that they would show the owner the test report and the reporter their ten ring certification certificate, but they would not indicate it in the contract

some floor brand shopping guides said that glue is rarely used in floor pavement now, but it is only used when gluing strips, which will not have any impact at all

the reporter learned that the relevant national standards have clear provisions on the adhesives for wood floor pavement, and it is stipulated in the item of user approval that the paving unit should clearly indicate the certificate or mark of adhesives and other main materials to users before paving. Wang Jun, an expert member of China forest products industry association and director of the forest products inspection center (Changchun) of the State Forestry Administration, said that in practice, few enterprises would do so, and consumers did not have this awareness

he reminded consumers that when buying floors, enterprises should be required to show the certificate of conformity or test report of adhesives, and it is best to require them to indicate the relevant standards that adhesives meet in the contract. He also said that although there is not much glue used in some floors at present, even a small amount of unqualified products will bring great harm, and consumers cannot take it lightly

◆ before buying wallpaper adhesive, businesses are required to provide test reports

a large number of adhesives will be used when pasting wallpaper. Experts remind that the quality of glue powder and glue also directly affects the pasting effect and service life of wallpaper, and unqualified adhesives may also cause indoor environmental pollution

the reporter saw in the market that most wallpaper merchants claimed to use potato starch glue or imported glutinous rice glue. The shopping guide of Rouran wallpaper in a store told reporters that they used pure imported glutinous rice glue of edible grade. But when the reporter asked whether there was a test report or whether the adhesive grade could be marked in the contract, she said that there must be a test report, but there was no one in the store. It won't be written in the contract, but Rouran, such a big brand, is trustworthy

experts suggest that when purchasing wallpaper, consumers should choose glue powder and paste that have been tested and certified by national authorities, and try to choose adhesives made of starch and other environmental friendly materials to ensure the overall quality of wallpaper, and urge businesses to provide corresponding test reports

◆ there is no relevant production standard for skirting in China for the time being.

the reporter saw two kinds of skirting in a brand flooring store: plate and solid wood. According to the shopping guide, the plates are domestic and relatively cheap; Solid wood is pure imported, and the price is 50 yuan a piece. When the reporter asked about its environmental protection, the shopping guide said that the domestic ones had not been tested, but the imported ones were tested abroad. There are other flooring brand shopping guides told reporters that many skirting lines are produced by small factories, and there is no production standard





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