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The decoration price has been determined to have risen, and the popularity of the decoration market has not been affected

years ago, the decoration market has been crazy about the news that the decoration price is rising after the new year, and the major decoration companies in Nan'an City have also taken the opportunity to launch many price protection and promotion activities. Now that the Spring Festival is over, is the price rise coming as promised? Is the decoration market affected? Yesterday, the reporter visited a number of decoration companies in Nan'an and learned that the decoration price has certainly risen, with the increase varying from company to company, some around 5% and some up 12%. Nevertheless, the popularity of the decoration market has not been affected. Many design directors of decoration companies said that the order volume increased compared with the same period last year. They believed that on the one hand, it was because business customers returned home during the Spring Festival, which was originally the peak decoration season, and on the other hand, the economic recovery compared with previous years was also an important reason

the rise in logistics and labor costs is the main reason.

shortly after the Spring Festival, the office of Nan'an Xingyi Decoration Co., Ltd. is busy, and many staff are communicating design schemes with customers. Jiangweifeng, the design director of the company, told reporters that after the year, the headquarters of the company had determined and passed the price increase plan for decoration, and the increase of companies across the country was between 3% and 5%. For Nan'an company, the main factor affecting the increase is the rise in wages

"price increase seems to have become a routine every year. In recent years, the company's increase in decoration prices has been relatively stable." Jiang Weifeng said that the circle of skilled workers is so large that there is basically no fresh blood pouring in. Rare things are more expensive, and the wages naturally rise. However, the problems of rising raw material prices and rising transportation costs that are common across the country do not bother Xingyi decoration much. Jiang Weifeng explained that this is because they have fixed partners in this regard, and the price is relatively stable

the decoration price of Nan'an Mingjiang Decoration Co., Ltd., which is located in the same urban area, increased by about 12% after the year. Li Zuming, the chief designer of the company, told reporters that at present, the decoration price of their company is about 130000 yuan per 100 square meters. The main factors affecting their price increase are the rise of raw material prices and the increase of logistics costs, "At the end of last year, the state issued new laws and regulations to crack down on overload, which objectively led to the increase of logistics costs."

however, Li Zuming is not worried about the impact of the price rise on the decoration market. He told reporters that not many people came to consult about the decoration in the same period last year. Now more than 10 people come to consult every day, half of which have placed orders

the order volume has increased year-on-year

similar to the situation of famous craftsman decoration, the order volume of Xingyi decoration has increased by 20% compared with last year, and Jiang Weifeng predicts that such an increase will continue to grow in the next year. He is very optimistic about this year's decoration market

Jiang Weifeng's confidence comes from the development of Nan'an real estate market. On the one hand, the old buildings are constantly handed over, on the other hand, new buildings such as poly have sprung up. The stable development of real estate will provide a fixed number of customers for the decoration market every year. "At the end of last year, century Haoting, cecep, Discovery Bay and other buildings were successively delivered, which injected a driving force into the Nan'an decoration market at the beginning of this year." According to Jiang Weifeng's analysis, the real estate market is hot, and the decoration must be carried out after buying a house. In addition, the economy has warmed up in the past two years. The return of returnees from Nan'an is one of the major events they need to do. The superposition of several factors has caused the popularity of the decoration market in this period of time after the year

Jiang Weifeng's view was recognized by Li Zuming. He believed that the delivery of several buildings at the end of the year was an important reason for the hot decoration market during this period. He told reporters that these customers who placed orders for them were basically the owners of real estate projects such as century Haoting, cecep and Discovery Bay. In addition, compared with the past, fewer people bought houses for investment, and more people would choose to decorate their houses, The change in mentality has also added a fire to the decoration market

Li Zuming believes that the hot decoration market in Nan'an should last for a long time. After all, "the market demand is there"





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