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From March 26 to 28, Xilin eco board appeared at the 6th China (Guangzhou) customized Home Furnishing Exhibition and the 6th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition. Mr. Zhang Gangqiang received an exclusive interview with the reporter of China wardrobe by the home hotline

from March 26 to 28, 2016, at the 6th China (Guangzhou) customized Home Furnishing Exhibition and the 6th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition 2016, Xilin ecological board, which focuses on the development of solid wood board, was a city with a large number of merchants. The home hotline and the reporter of China wardrobe interviewed Mr. Zhang Gangqiang of Xilin ecological board on the spot to share the product characteristics of Xilin ecological board

(Xilin eco board exhibition hall)

(Xilin eco board Zhang Gangqiang accepts an exclusive interview with home hotline ・ Huiya information)

home hotline: Hello, Mr. Zhang. What products did your company show to customers at this exhibition

Mr. Zhang: some solid wood. Because the traditional so-called solid wood particle board or particleboard is relatively low-end, high-end consumers are now slowly moving towards solid wood and large core board. Moreover, our colors, varieties and classifications are relatively fine, which can be easily matched with the current various styles

home hotline: is our solid wood board currently targeted at high-end

Mr. Zhang: the price of our varieties is not very expensive, and end consumers can afford it. The key is the change of their ideas. The price of our solid wood products is similar to that of some well-known high-density boards. As long as consumers who understand and are smart, they will choose materials and will not take a fancy to some brands. Especially in the southern market, the shelf life of solid wood multi-layer ecological board is relatively longer, and its stability, compression resistance and moisture resistance will be many times stronger than other varieties

home hotline: do we have any new products now

Mr. Zhang: new products will come out later, and they are not particularly mature yet. Just like our oak products, it took two years to launch into the market. There were many problems when they just came out before. The products themselves had something that failed in quality. After two years of exploration, our products were still very mature in the market. In the whole Guangdong market, we are at the forefront of solid wood panels

home hotline: what are the customers' comments on our plates now

Mr. Zhang: now many consumers will turn to our plate immediately after seeing the traditional plate. Because there was no new variety choice in the past, the market is all popular products. After seeing my plate, as long as I have the consumption capacity, 80% will turn to my plate, because even though my price may be the third companion of other ordinary plates, the value is far more than three times the price, and the service life is longer

home hotline: I have the impression that solid wood is easy to be wet, moldy or dry. How do we overcome these shortcomings

Mr. Zhang: we start with air drying and protective paper. Of course, the moisture content is also adjusted according to different regions. Traditional solid wood is painted, and the appearance protection may not be so good. And we will stick a layer of protective paper to make it difficult for moisture to get in





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