How to choose the best color for doors and windows

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I believe that many owners will struggle with a problem when decorating and purchasing doors and windows, that is, how to choose the color of door and window products to match with a better effect? Meishigu door and window editor has also encountered many friends who have asked similar questions. The choice of doors and windows is mainly to match their own overall decoration style and main color, so as to make the whole home environment comfortable and harmonious

home style should be consistent with doors and windows

in decoration, doors and windows and decorative style complement each other. No matter what type of doors and windows are used in any room, their shape and color should be consistent with the overall decoration style of home space, so as to achieve the harmony of the overall environment and achieve the best decoration effect

wall color, door and window color form a contrast

in the past, people often used white as the wall. Although white is pure, a large number of applications will also be too monotonous. The application of home space will also make the home space lack of vitality. They do not know that in the perfect home space decoration, the color of doors and windows should form a contrast ratio with the color of the wall. In this way, you can not only have a certain sense of hierarchy in your home space, but also get a new feeling of space

the color of furniture is similar to that of doors and windows

the matching of color is a key point in the process of home decoration. After determining the home style, the next step should be the matching of door and window color and home style. Here, the editor suggests that if the interior space is based on light color, it is not necessary to choose some doors and windows of cold color system: if the interior space is mainly colored by dark color system, it should be matched with doors and windows of warm color system

the color of the ground should be the same as that of the doors and windows

the color of the ground should be the same as that of the doors and windows (such as the cold and warm color system), but it is best not to be consistent, resulting in too rigid. It is also necessary to prevent the ground from being confused with the wall, weakening the size of the sense of space in the room. If you are in doubt, choose white. White is the color that is not easy to make mistakes, and it is also the color that keeps the sense of fashion forever

in the whole home space, the color of doors and windows is complementary to the color of walls, floors and soft furniture. Of course, the choice of door and window colors is also very simple. If you are not sure, just make the door and window colors close to the "big environment", and then make a difference in details, and its effect is guaranteed not to have too much source




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