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The old house decoration is not the same as the new house decoration, because the old house decoration also involves the original decoration and demolition, and the decoration is originally cumbersome, so we must have a detailed before starting the construction

the decoration of old houses is not the same as that of new houses, because the decoration of old houses also involves the demolition of the original decoration, and the decoration is originally cumbersome, so we must have a detailed plan and steps before starting construction. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the steps of old house decoration

step 1 of old house decoration: remove doors and windows

aging of doors and windows is an outstanding question. As the saying goes, the appearance of a home is very important. Usually, people at the top of the list see the doors and windows of a house. Generally speaking, they can make a new look by painting from the beginning, but if the wooden doors and windows have been peeled and deformed, they need to be replaced. If it is a steel door and window, once the skin falls, or even cracks, it will simply hurt the human body. It is also difficult to recover from the original shape outside, and it is usually to be replaced. After painting the facade from the beginning, you will find that it is really new

second step of old house decoration: removal of walls and floors

the skin of the wall will also peel off, fall off slag, and even show cracks because of the time. You can choose to paint from scratch, then polish it with sandpaper and paint directly. When smashing wall tiles and floor tiles, avoid debris blocking the sewer; Only solid wood flooring, composite flooring and bamboo flooring with a surface thickness of 4mm can be innovated. Nor can it be partially innovative, which will lead to the difference between the colors and the degree of newness of the floor

step 3 of old house decoration: remove the water circuit

some water circuits in old houses in China will be corroded and aged in many places after a long time. If the original pipeline is a galvanized pipe that has been screened, it is necessary to replace it all in the process of decoration. If the original wires are all aluminum wires, it is also necessary to replace them with copper wires. Note: because the power of the air conditioner is relatively large, it must be installed separately

old house decoration step 4: the replacement of furniture

ratio and the basic decoration have been completed, and the furniture can enter the site. Furniture is also very important for a house. The new furniture will also make the whole house full of vitality and progress

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