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The most indispensable thing in life is to eat, drink, live and travel. Today, I will mainly explain the knowledge related to housing for you. Quilt is very important in daily life. A comfortable quilt can bring you good sleep and refresh your spirit. Due to the different specifications of the bed, we have more consideration when choosing the quilt. For example, what is the size of a 1.8 meter bed? How big is the quilt for a 1.8 meter bed? Don't worry. Now let's learn how big the quilt is for a 1.8 meter bed, the size of a 1.8 meter bed and other related knowledge

1 meter 8 bed size

inner diameter: 1800mm*2000mm, outer diameter: 1955*2150*1425mm, 1998*2153*1700mm, etc. According to the reference data when you buy a bed

select according to the actual size. 1.8m bed sheet: 260cm*270cm quilt core: 230cm*240cm quilt cover 240cm*250cm pillowcase: 60*90 cm

1.8 meter bed with how big quilt

1 Single person 160*220cm, double person 200*240cm. Some people are still using 220*240, 1.8 meter bed, quilt is the most suitable 2 meters, looks beautiful

2.1.8m bed: quilt cover 240*230, sheet 270*290, quilt cover 25-30cm lower than both sides of the bed; Simmons cushion is about 28cm, with 45-55cm more under the plug than on both sides of the mattress

several problems in choosing quilt size

1. Choose according to the size of your bed

2, winter or summer. The winter quilt is wider, longer and thicker than the quilt used in summer

3, single or double. Double quilt is bigger than single quilt

4. Adult quilt or child quilt. Choose according to your height

national standard on quilt size

bed with width of 1.8m, double quilt 220cm× 240cm;

1.5m wide bed), conventional double quilt 200cm× 230cm;

180cm× for adults; 220cm。 Students are classified as 150cm× 210cm。 Infants are advised to 120cm× 150cm。 It is suggested to decide according to height

1.8 meter bed what material is comfortable to sleep

1 Walnut wood bed is better. The structure is fine and uniform, with strong toughness, earthquake resistance, wear resistance, bending resistance and corrosion resistance, but the price is not cheap

2. Camphor wood bed is better. Rich in rich aroma, it can repel insects, moths, molds and bacteria. It is tough, not easy to break and crack. It is the preferred material for carving technology

3. For pregnant women, infants, the elderly and patients with waist diseases, it is suitable for soft beds to protect the spine, improve sleep quality and eliminate fatigue

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of the relevant knowledge about the size of the quilt used in the 1.8 meter bed. I hope it can help friends who need it in this regard! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to the mall to buy your favorite products




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